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Welcome to the Anyone Can Fly Foundation (ACFF) Blog page. All the latest ACFF information about the; Art With Kids program, Scholars Grant, Lifetimeime Achievement, Print Scholarship, garden party and annual auction can be found here. Artists take a look at the "call to artists" (Artists: Yes I Can) inviting artists to participate in the exhibition at the upcoming 2009 auction. See photos of the 2007 auction/ exhibition at "ACA gallery". Our friend, Una Karim took some wonderful photos of the garden party and she has them posted on "fliker". The garden party happens on the Last Sunday in June each year.

Artists, make art! The theme for 2009 is, Yes I Can.
"Artists click here for more information on 'Yes I Can" .

Thanks for supporting the foundation and attending the
Garden Party on
Sunday, June 28, 2009
"Click here for more details about this years garden party"

Dr. Margaret Burroughs will be honored at the 2009 Garden Party as the Anyone Can Fly Foundation's 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.

2009 Margaret Burroughs
2008 Richard Mayhew
2007 Samella Lewis
2006 Elizabeth Catlett
2005 David Driskell
2004 Cuesta Benberry

Dr. Margaret Burroughs

Dr. Margaret Burroughs from St. Rose Parish, Louisiana, graduated from Chicago Teachers' College in 1937, then received an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1948. During the 1940s she taught art in Chicago elementary schools, and published her first children's book, Jasper, the Drummin' Boy (1947). Burroughs was known in the Chicago area as the founder, along with her husband, Charles, of the DuSable Museum of African American History. Opened in the couple's South Side house in 1961 as the Ebony Museum of African American History, the collected artifacts expressed Burroughs' commitment to exploring and sharing the cultural heritage of African Americans.

Board Members:
Faith Ringgold Pres., Grace Matthews Vice Pres., Barbara Wallace Sec., Marjorie Durden Treas., Barbara Hoffman Esq., Moira Roth, Lisa Farrington and Burdette Ringgold

Contact Information:
Barbara Wallace (347) 573-0528
Grace Matthews (858) 576-0397

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ACFF inc
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Englewood, NJ 07631

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Barbara said...

Xenobia Bailey has made a wonderful tribute to Faith Ringgold's Foundation -- link << http://xenba.blogspot.com/2008/10/faith-ringgolds-anyone-can-fly.html >>