ACFF print scholarship to EPI

2011 Print Scholars 
Carolyn Martin 
Sandi Knell Tamny

Jase CLark, Carolyn Martin, Curlee Holton, Sandi Tamny
standing outside EPI on the Layfayette College Campus
 in Easton, PA  on Aug 13, 2011

Sandi, Carolyn and Jase discussing Carolyn's finished print

Carolyn Martin
Sharing Wealth, 2011
by Carolyn Martin
11 x 15 inches

It was wonderful to experience my work 
in the printmaking medium 
and to have the opportunity to
 make a print edition in collaboration 
with master printers.
Carolyn Martin
Carolyn and Jase planning the printing process 

Carolyn and Jase printing

Jase and Carolyn planning the process

Carolyn Martin and Curlee Holton

Carolyn and Jase at the printing press

Sandi and Carolyn study Carolyn's Sharing Wealth print

Carolyn checks out her prints in process on the drying rack

Sandi Knell Tamny
Healing Amulet, 2011
by Sandi Tamny
15 x 15 inches

2011 Anyone Can Fly Foundation Printmaking Fellowship to EPI
by Sandi Knell Tamny 

I feel very blessed to have been chosen to participate in the Anyone Can Fly Foundation’s  Printmaking  Fellowship to EPI.  The silkscreen process was not included in the curriculum when I was in school because they had no one to teach the class – unfortunately because the professor was ill from the materials used at the time and the lack of proper ventilation.  Working with Curley Raven Holton and Jase Clark at EPI was an amazing hands-on experience, not only in the process of making a silkscreen, but also in the workings of Photo Shop.  I understand so much more about both now that I have spent the time at EPI.  I look forward to seeing where this new-found knowledge will take me.  I want to thank the Foundation for the opportunity to participate in this exciting program. 

Jase and Sandi using photoshop to work on Sandi's seperations

More Photos
Field trip to the Old School House
Curlee Holton with his grandsons Moti (in back) and Brian
Moti, Grace and Sandi

2010 Print Scholar
Dawn DeCosta
Origin by Dawn DeCosta
16 x 12


It was an awe inspiring experience at the Experimental Printmaking Institute at Lafayette College.  I was first honored to be given the opportunity to learn this process that goes back to ancient times.  So many of the artists I’ve respected and loved past and present have used this process.  The process has evolved along with technology into one that continues to be so intricate and one that requires a great deal of knowledge and skill.  Even though I went knowing all of this, I was still unaware of what I would experience.  Just being in the midst of an environment where so many unbelievably talented artists have worked was exciting all on its own. As all of the ACFF Print Scholars have been, I was well prepared with what I needed to create prior to my time at the Institute.  I came with my image which was created along the guidelines I was given.  Jase Clark walked me through each step of the process with great  detail and care. His knowledge and experience along with his patience made the process informative and enjoyable at the same time. He challenged my thinking and showed me how unique and vital the relationship between printmaker and artist can be.  It was all so amazing. It was a beautiful experience to watch the print unfold from one step to the next.  I watched my original image transform into another original creation of its own.  Jase was assisted by Kandice Fields who shared her knowledge and skill in an extremely kind and helpful way. Curlee Holton, founder of the Experimental Printmaking Institute came several times to observe and guide. It was an honor to work through this amazing  and unparalleled program he has created at Lafayette College. My deepest thanks go to Faith Ringgold and the Anyone Can Fly Foundation for this opportunity that I will never forget.  Grace Matthews was the ideal companion and guide through this adventure.  It was an experience that any artist if given the opportunity should not miss, it has changed me, my work and the way I will paint and create always.  I come away from this experience… a new artist.

Dawn DeCosta and Curlee Holton
at EPI August 14, 2010

Jase Clark, Dawn DeCosta and
Kandice Fields on
Sunday, August 15, 2010
at EPI

Dawn signing her prints at the
end of her time at EPI

2009 Print Scholar
Robin Miller

Woman With Jug, 2009 silkscreen
by Robin Miller

Robin Miller & Jase Clark

Receiving the EPI Grant From the ACFF
By Robin J. Miller

The opportunity to attend Lafayette College’s EPI (Experimental Printmaking Institute), came with so many perks. The first was traveling with artist, Grace Matthews, as my escort. Her willingness to share experiences and offer advice was immeasurable, not to mention the great laughs and company.

What a privilege to participate in the process of moving my art from the painting stage to a silkscreen print! This has truly been a valuable experience. I was familiar with some aspects of printmaking, but there is nothing like being actively engaged in the process. That’s where the true learning and appreciation for this art begins. I actually did my own color separations. But the most exciting part was numbering and signing my prints. I felt so special!

Having the opportunity to create two lino cuts and then emboss them, was a special unexpected bonus. So COOL!

Jase Clark, instructor at EPI, made the experience delightful. What a talent! He responded enthusiastically to my many inquisitive comments. Surrounded by the amazing print images done by others, was also a true inspiration. Oh the possibilities!

Thank you Curlee Holton, for making sure things moved smoothly. Also, your critique of my work is much appreciated.

Thank you! Thank you ACFF. I must echo Faith’s sentiments that every artist should create a color print at least once. This is an important aspect of an artist’s education.

2008 Print Scholarship

Anna Stoa and Marva Whitehead visit the Experimental Print Institute February 10-12, 2008.

2008 Video interviews with Anna and Marva about their print making experiences at EPI. 
Videos Removed

Crows, 2008
Marva Whitehead
10.5 x 11 inches
silk screened edition of 25

My inspiration in creating this print was based on one of the most beautiful women in my life, my grandmother Zula Pearl Murrell. When asked "Who got the blackest crows?" she would always respond with "I got the blackest crows." To be her crow was to be something very special, to be the best...... to be her best. It has been an honor through the Faith Ringgold Anyone Can Fly Foundation Scholarship to have this opportunity to make something so personal with such a strong feeling of accomplishment. Thank you.

Anna Stoa
In My Heart, 2008
 8 x 10 inches

Here are some photo's that Marva took while she was at EPI

2007 Print Scholarship

Linda Freeman at E P I on June 16 and 17, 2007 making her new silkscreen print "Children See" Purchase this limited edition print for $100.

Color going on the screen.

Proofs on the drying rack

at work

Curlee Holton setting Linda up to sign the edition of "Children See"

Jase worked until 2:30 am getting the edition of 25 printed! Thanks Jase!

Linda Freeman
Children See, 2007
 edition of 25 $100

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