Camille Billops, Anyone Can Fly Foundation's 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Interviewed by Michele Wallace at the ACFF Garden Party in Englewood, NJ on June 24, 2012

Video 1

Video 2
Michele asks Camille about the poet Michael Weaver and his part in
 the film Sting of pearls.

 Video 3
A conversation about the Hatch Billops Collection.

 Video 4 Part 3

A conversation about Camille's prints and a funny section about jpegs and
technological obsolescence. Camille talks about prints, studying with
Bob Blackburn and collecting his prints.

 Video 5 Part 4
Camille's talks about her sculpture and ceramics, inter-racial marriage
Black Suffering Jesus and Yellow Man, Jim talks about 30 years of
Funding from  NYSCA. New York State Council of the Arts to publish
their arts and culture journal, Artists and influence Calhoun Walker helped
with financial advice and taught Camille how to write a grant.

Video 6 Part 5

 Conversation about the films; Suzanne, Suzanne, Finding Christa,
and A String of Pearls.

 Video 7
Questions: Nell Painter asks Camille Billops about her prints and
the art market.

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