Beverly McIver Interview June 25, 2017

Beverly McIver
2017 ACFF Lifetime Awardee

Video Interview

Anyone Can Fly Foundation 19th Annual Garden Party, Englewood, NJ
Questions for Faith Ringgold and Beverly McIver Interview
Sunday, June 25, 2017

1-            How and when did you become an artist?

2-            Was it difficult?

3-            What was your training?

4-            What made you become a painter?

5-            How long has your career been?

6-            Have there been different stages?

7-            I do series.  How do you organize your work?

8-            Where were you born?

9-            Have you had any particular problems with racism in your career?  How about sexism?

10-         Where do you see yourself going as an artist?

11-         You did a series in which you painted yourself as a clown.  Tell us about that?

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