One of a Kind Kid Program

Zoe DeCosta, self portrait 2010
One of a Kind Kid Program:
The Anyone Can Fly Foundation’s One of a Kind Kid program selects a “One of a Kind Kid” age 5 – 10 each year and honors that child for their love of art, for being an independent thinker and for being a leader. Each “One of a Kind Kid” becomes a fellow and a member of the Anyone Can Fly Foundation’s family. As a fellow the “One of a Kind Kids” are invited each year to the foundation events. The ACF foundation strives to keep track of these children and encourages them to recognize the importance of their imagination and creativity.

One of a Kind Kid Fellows
2009 Kason Waring (aka KK) 
2010 Zoe DeCosta
2011 Mia Woods

2011 One of a Kind Kid

Mia Woods
At the First One of a Kind Kid Garden Party 
May 25, 2011

The 2011 One of a Kind Kid Award  
will be given at the First annual
One of a Kind Kids Garden party on May 25, 2011

Aubri Williams
Zion Smith
Dominique Hornbuckle
Adriana Pascal
Rachel Williams
Jaylen Budden
Brianna Whitehead Evans
Kyla Butts

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