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Quarantine Contest Gallery

Here's what kids think about being in quarantine 

and their dreams for what will happen afterwards

The first 4 entries are from Thurgood Marshall Academy, NYC

1. Anayha
Before and After by Anayha H, TMALS, NYC, 10 years old grade 5

2. Annjhene

Annjhene C, TMALS, NYC, 10 years old grade 4

3. Fatoumata - Winner!

In Quarantine by Fatoumata K, TMALS, NYC, 10 years, grade 5 -TMALS Winner

Out of Quarantine by Fatoumata K, TMALS, NYC  10 years, grade 5- TMALS Winner

5. Harmony

Harmony H, TMALS, NYC 11 years old, Grade 5

Entries from the Community

1. Waylon A.

In Quarantine by Waylon A, 7 years old, grade 2, San Diego, CA,

Out of Quarantine by Waylon A, 7 years old, grade 2, San Diego, CA,

2. Emma O.

In Quarantine  by Emma O, age 10

Out of Quarantine by Emma O, age 10

3. Grace C.

In Quarantine by Grace C, 11 years, Grade 5, NJ

After by Grace C, 11 years, grade 5, Darien, NJ

4. Sydney C. - Winner

In Quarantine by Sydney C, age 7, grade 2, Darien, Connecticut

After Quarantine by Sydney C, age 7, grade 2, Darien, Connecticut

5. Heidi B.

Stuck in Quarantine 2 by Heidi B, 12 years, San Diego

My first painting is telling a story about how people are all 

stuck inside and wishing they can be out in the open.

 The inside square is a lonely girl that’s looking out

 a window and would love to go outside. On the outside

 it finally looks like summer is coming
and she longs for life to be back to  normal.

Stuck in Quarantine 1 by Heidi B, 12 years, San Diego

In my second painting the black box in the middle 

represents our home in quarantine, 

there is safety but we are trapped and isolated. 

The world outside is opening up but a lot of things 

are going to change and may never be the same. 

These are my feelings about the Covid pandemic……


6. Stella

In Quarantine by Stella, 8 years, grade 2

When covid was first announced and during.  

Stella indicated it felt like everything was wiped away, 

but everywhere you go, you are told to wear a mask.  

You can't see people's smiles anymore.

Out of Quarantine by Stella, 8 years, grade 2

After covid, Stella said she looks forward to going for walks by the river,

 breathing fresh air, getting on the bus to go to school to see friends and teachers.

7. Amaranne H.

In Quarantine by Amaranne H age 9, grade 4, NYC

After Quarantine by Amaranne H., age 9, grade 4, NYC


8. Bryanna L.

In Quarantine by Bryanna L, age 9, grade 4
After Quarantine by Bryanna L, age 9, grade 4


9. Shirley B.

In Quarantine by Shirley B, age 9, NYC
After Quarantine by Shirley B, age 9, NYC

10. Jude

In Quarantine by Jude, age 6, grade 1, Wallingford, PA

In Quarantine by Jude, age 6, grade 1, Wallingford, PA


Corona Virus Quarantine Contest Due: Monday, June 15, 2020

Contest Rules: Participants must be age 6-12 and will write 2 illustrated stories. The first story should tell about what it’s like for you in quarantine, and the second story should be about a time that you envision after the quarantine. More specific directions are included in the lesson plan. One entry per child.

We wrote a story about the Corona Virus to share with you. We do hope you like our story and we can’t wait to read the stories that you write and see the pictures that you draw! Every contestant must draw their own pictures and write their own stories. Tell the grown-ups around you that this is your project and they are not allowed to help you make your pictures.  One participant will be selected to win a $50 Amazon Gift card. Everyone will receive a thank you message from Faith Ringgold and the ACFF. 

Dear Parents,
Parents, please complete our permission request and photograph your child’s two illustrated stories. Upload the permission with the photos by 
Monday, June 15 to: or send an email

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
Parent Permission
I grant my permission to, have my child participate in the OOAKK 2020 contest and to have my child’s artwork (accompanied by their first name only) posted on-line by and for the Anyone Can Fly Foundation. The ACFF will not share your contact information.

Child’s Name and age:
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Parent Signature: (initial here)

The Story of the Corona Virus Quarantine 2020

All around the world families are staying at home to protect themselves from the new COVID-19 virus. The orders from the State to stay at home will help “flatten the curve.”  That means that being at home will prevent more people from getting sick and the virus from spreading.  To help this to happen schools, parks, shops, and theaters posted CLOSED signs.  Life as we know it, changed.

At first, everyone was happy to “stay at home,” happy to take a break from their hectic schedules, but then they began to miss their grandparents, friends, teachers, schools, library and ball games. Children missed playing together at the playground, riding their scooters, jumping rope, taking walks and going to birthday parties. But they stayed at home in quarantine to do their part to slow down the spread of the virus. For many days and many nights families did not go out. They washed their hands (a lot).  On some days they stayed in their pajamas all day. Too many kids and adults spent too much time staring at their bright screens   After a while it did not make them feel good.

Something had to be done to make life better in quarantine.  Most people were trying to do their best, but it was not always easy. Some families cooked together, other families danced.   Some families made art and others did yoga, taught themselves magic and their pets tricks, and played ball. People made colorful masks to wear outside when they went out to shop for groceries or to check on elderly neighbors. Some high school kids found a way to make equipment to help protect nurses and doctors. Children made thank you pictures to put in windows for doctors, nurses, and delivery people to show how much they are appreciated.

 At the same time, scientists around the world worked together to find new ways to protect people from COVID-19. They are working long hours to design tests, treatments, and vaccines. Doctors and world leaders speak to us every day to report on what is happening around the world. Much of the news is upsetting but some of the news stories tell us of a new way of life after the   COVID-19 pandemic.

 Lesson Plan: For children 6-12 years old. 

Objective: I will use art to show my life in quarantine and how much better it will be after quarantine.

Directions: Write and illustrate two stories. When you draw your picture do it all by yourself. Don’t use a pencil. Pencils are not allowed! Use your crayons, markers or paints. Fill up the whole paper with your composition and use a lot of color! 

Story 1.             We are all in quarantine. There are things that we like and things that we don’t like about being in quarantine. Write a short story about your time in quarantine and make a picture to illustrate your story.

Story 2.            We all dream about a time when this quarantine will end, and we will be back in the world again. Show yourself having your best day and doing something you love.  Tell a story and make a picture to show what you will do, who you will be with and where you will go after quarantine. 

Zoe DeCosta, self portrait 2010
One of a Kind Kid Program:
The Anyone Can Fly Foundation’s One of a Kind Kid program selects a “One of a Kind Kid” age 5 – 10 each year and honors that child for their love of art, for being an independent thinker and for being a leader. Each “One of a Kind Kid” becomes a fellow and a member of the Anyone Can Fly Foundation’s family. As a fellow the “One of a Kind Kids” are invited each year to the foundation events. The ACF foundation strives to keep track of these children and encourages them to recognize the importance of their imagination and creativity.

One of a Kind Kid Fellows

2019 No OOAKK selected

2018 Cecile James 

2017  Ameyah Wirts
2017 James A Porter College Grant  awarded to Zoe DeCosta
2016  Dasani Barnes and Lori Rose, 
2015 Lori Rose
2014 Nylas Burgess
2013 Nathaniel Pierce

2012 Kiarra Bonterre

2011 Mia Woods (moved)
2010 Zoe DeCosta

2009 Kason (KK) Waring

2011 One of a Kind Kid

Mia Woods
At the First One of a Kind Kid Garden Party 
May 25, 2011

The 2011 One of a Kind Kid Award  
will be given at the First annual
One of a Kind Kids Garden party on May 25, 2011

Aubri Williams
Zion Smith
Dominique Hornbuckle
Adriana Pascal
Rachel Williams
Jaylen Budden
Brianna Whitehead Evans
Kyla Butts

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