Diane Cherr

Robert Blackburn was one of the 20th Century’s most important printmakers and art instructors.   He is known for his artistic genius as he explored the vast possibilities in printmaking.  He also welcomed artists whatever their race or gender to the Printmaking Workshop, where he worked in New York City.

As you look at the prints in this exhibit,

Find a lithograph.  Is there a black and white lithograph?  Is there one in color? 

Find a still life.  Is it realist?  What is the title?  What would you title it if you were the artist?

Find a piece with zigzags or triangles.  Draw your sample.

Blackburn used circles a lot in his work.  Find a woodcut with circles.  Draw the piece.

Is there a woodcut with horizontal lines cut into the wood?  Draw the piece.

Can you find a piece that looks like it has a sky.  What is the title.  Give it your own title and draw it.

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